How would you like to forget about elevator problems for another 20 years?

If you have a hydraulic or traction elevator,  H&H Modernization Department can help you with an easy and pain free project beginning to end.  If your spending money on repairs on your old elevator it is time to Modernize it and get ride of the head aches.

Up to code?

Is your elevator ADA compliance? Are you in full compliance with current safety and fire codes? If NO then it might be time to start looking into a Modernization. Give us a call today so we can help you out 909-939-8012.

All kinds of upgrades

  • Hoist cables
  • ADA
  • Piston and cylinder
  • Motors and Machines
  • Valve
  • Pump
  • Tank Unit
  • Door equipment
  • Controllers
  • Starters
  • Fixtures
  • Phone and emergency lighting
  • Security system
  • Smoke system
  • Cab interior

Bring your elevator up to date. Call 909-939-8012 or 562-303-1930